8-9sinflar uchun ingliz tili fanidan tayyorlagan test

1. _________ have a cup of tea if you don’t mind.
A) I decided to B) I am sure to C) I’d rather D) I prefer
2. ________ you leave the letter on the table, my sister will post it for you.
A) Unless B) If C) Wherever D) Even though
3. _________ his good work and manners he didn’t get a promotion.
A) Because of B) In spite of C) Even though D) As a result of
4. _________ of the students gave their views on the subject.
A) Each B) Neither C) All D) One
5. I can’t find my sister. Do you know _________?
A) Where is she B) where she is C) some where she is D) is she anywhere

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